Monday, September 15, 2014

Post-Man City: Danny Pinseeker

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Arsenal's attacking strengths and defensive flaws both took center stage as they rode out a disappointing draw against champions Manchester City, a result that left us to wonder when exactly Wenger's side will rediscover its winning ways against the top teams. Helping us discuss the tough squad decisions and build up ahead of the Dortmund match will be returning guest and Twin Cities Gooner Garry Bowman, plus we'll extrapolate as much unjustifiable information out of Danny Welbeck's chip off the post as possible and put some much-needed South American spin on the new two-prize contest…

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Post-Leicester City: The One Before The Transfer Window Closed

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The early season lethargy continued with a narrow win over Besiktas to secure Champions League qualification and an uninspiring draw against Premiership newboys Leicester City, causing many to wonder just how many disinterested Arsenal midfielders it takes to unscrew a tightly-held Premier League defense. Helping us answer that question, discuss the level of leadership qualities in the squad and evaluate Arsenal's Champions League group will be Michael and Brandon from the Queen City Gooners, plus our *spoiler-free* take on the impact of the summer transfer window...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Post-Everton: Better Late Than Never

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Arsenal's growing pains continue with a lackluster draw in Istanbul followed by a last-gasp draw at Goodison Park, leaving the Gunners with plenty of work to do in the Champions League and in the tactics room. Helping us talk center forward shuffling and Champions League qualifying nerves will be Chris Jenkins of Arsenal America, followed by Jordan and Channelle of the Fresno Gooners recounting their 6,000 mile trip across the US -- and all their stops in between -- to see Arsenal in New York City, plus the Wanker of the Week resurrected, some prize trivia involving Dennis Bergkamp's favorite opponent and a fairly lengthy primer on current Arsenal beards...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Post-Crystal Palace: Picking Up Where We Left Off

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Arsenal carry their choice brand of knife-edge entertainment into the new season with a nerve-shredding, last-gasp win at home over a well-organized (read: medievally defensive) Crystal Palace side. Helping us pick out the positives from Arsenal's setpiece defending (no, we weren't aware of these positives either), decide between an increasingly difficult Giroud-Sanogo selection choice and shuffle lineups pre-Besiktas will be returning guest Elliot Smith, plus your feedback on vanishing spray, unidentified flying bird poo and contest SWAG courtesy of Ruffneck Scarves...