Sunday, August 30, 2015

Post-Newcastle: OG Running Riot

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Arsenal only just manage to keep their impressive away form rolling with a narrow victory over 10-man Newcastle in a game punctuated by lots of whistles and lots of cards. Helping us analyze the team's worryingly stagnant offense and the continuing mixing-and-matching going on in the squad will be Martin Tomlinson of the DC Armoury, plus some super-difficult own goal trivia and the trials and tribulations of playing at Newcastle laid bare...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Post-Liverpool: Home Drought

Grab the new pod from iTunesthe raw RSS feed or our archiveor Petr Cech will. Which makes no sense other than to say Petr Cech is really good at grabbing things.

The home goalscoring duck remains unbroken as somehow things stay scoreless between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates, leading us to wonder what exactly is the source of the squad's offensive struggles, just how long Petr Cech will have to fill in for the absence of the Mertescielny axis and whether we really want to start discussing the timing of Arsene Wenger's subs only three games into the season (spoiler: we do). We've also got a suitably scoreless trivia contest. So, there's that.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Post-Crystal Palace: On the Board

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Arsenal break their points duck with the help of OG's new and old as first the Frenchman then the less fortunate Irishman bulge the Crystal Palace net at Selhurst Park. Helping us dissect Alan Pardew's kamikaze gameplan and make sense of Theo Walcott's perpetual benchwarming will be returning guest Sam Limbert of Sam's Match Reports, plus we confuse your favorite Arsenal scissor kicks and try to find an excuse to insinuate Mikel Arteta back into the holding midfield role...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Post-West Ham: Opening Mayday

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The first setback of the season comes just a tad earlier than expected as two soft goals to West Ham at home prevent Arsenal from capitalizing on Chelsea's dropped points. Oh, and we scored none so it also means we lose, a topic we'll be trying to make some sense of with the help of Woolwich 1886's Jon Shay, along with some discussion on just how much home cooking Karim Benzema requires and whether or not an opening day loss is just a drop in the bucket or a serious dent to title aspirations. Cheer up, only 37 more to go!