Sunday, April 24, 2016

Post-Sunderland: Out of Ideas

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Arsenal cruise past a mediocre West Brom side at home before stuttering at the Stadium of Light in a nil-nil draw that leaves the door to the Top Four open for Manchester United. Returning guest Elliot Smith is on hand to help us distinguish between intentional and haphazard squad building and help identify the identity Wenger's side needs to achieve, plus Invincibles vs Norwich prize trivia...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Post-Crystal Palace: Death By Microcosm

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The pressures of playing at home prove to be too much yet again for Arsenal as they again drop points from a winning position, this time to bottom of the table strugglers Crystal Palace. We'll discuss un-winning mentalities, overuse the word "microcosm" and debate whether or not Gooners can be sent to Hell for wishing for a Sp*rs Premiership title before turning our attention to the good old days of Arsenal's Invincibles, the shifting North American scouting network and how to get Arsene Wenger to write the foreword in your book with former Arsenal player and current Arsenal scout Danny Karbassiyoon, whose own account of highs and lows while playing for Arsenal are fleshed out in his new title The Arsenal Yankee, which comes out in early May.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Post-West Ham: Defensive Death Wish

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Arsene Wenger's squad embraces its inner Arsene Wenger squad as the Gunners throw away a golden lead at the Boleyn Ground and all but seal their Premiership fate. Helping us talk defense, attempt to spell defense and just get existential about the very possibility of any relationship between Arsenal and defense will be Sam Limbert of Sam's Match Reports, plus the "Idiot Zone" explained, tips to dealing with abnormally tall men and Yellow Card Drought prize trivia...

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Post-Watford: Flair Play & Fuzzy Knooks

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Arsenal unleash the goals they were holding back a few weeks ago as they thrash Watford 4-nil at home in the Premiership. Helping us debate whether the pressure's now truly off the squad and if Arsene Wenger has finally found his midfield Voltron will be returning guest Martin Tomlinson, plus the perils of showboating and some four-scoring prize trivia...