Sunday, April 23, 2017

Post-City: We're Going (Back) to Wembley

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Arsene Wenger's men leave it all out on the pitch with an at times gutsy, at times scintillating performance that sees them edge Manchester City 2-1 in the FA Cup Semi-Final and secure yet another FA Cup Final berth. Helping us heap the plaudits on the 3-4-3, pick out the Gunners' exceptional performers and attempt to predict Wenger's next move will be returning guest Elliot Smith, plus FA Cup Semi-Final trivia (it never gets old) and Kyle's favorite piece of trash talk terminology...

Monday, April 17, 2017

Post-Middlesbrough Live Show: Sometimes We Can Win Things

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Arsenal defy their recent run of terrible away form by grinding out a much-needed win at the Riverside, beating Middlesbrough thanks to goals from Alexis and Ozil. We'll do our best to explain this anomaly and the audacious 3-4-3 formation that accompanied it, as well as discuss the perceived wisdom behind making Arsenal's best player filthy rich in an attempt to recapture the supporters' goodwill, why starting out as a coach at Arsenal might be frustrating and what the possible fallout from no St. Totteringham's Day could be...

Monday, April 10, 2017

Post-Crystal Palace Live Show: Hug It Out

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Arsenal stay consistent on the road as they finally give Sam Allardyce the pleasure of beating Arsene Wenger, in this case to the tune of two goals and a dodgy penalty. Compounding the loss will be the fact that the Arsenal squad generally threw in the towel early on, something we'll discuss along with hypocrisy in Wenger's managerial ethos, Mourinho-syndrome and thorough diagrams of which part of a goalkeeper's arm shouldn't be able to commit a penalty...

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Post-Man City: A Pretty OK Response

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With nowhere to go but up, Arsenal improve their form slightly by taking a point off Pepe Guardiola's Manchester City at home thanks to goals from Theo Walcott and Shkodran Mustafi. We'll rate this performance on the patented "Arsenal Response to Loss" meter, plus discuss the at times overly aggressive, at times downright kamikaze streak that runs through the defensive side of the Arsenal squad as well as try to identify a suitable framework for next season in the current team's personnel...