Monday, April 14, 2014

Post-Wigan: I Don't Always Play Goalkeeper, But When I Do...

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Arsenal return to their best "winning ugly" form with a nerve-shredding penalty shootout win over Wigan at Wembley thanks to the offensive prowess of Per "Better Than Bendtner" Mertesacker and the goalkeeping heroics of Lukas "FA Cup or Bust" Fabianski. We'll discuss the suddenly-cagey tactics of both teams as well as Arsenal's slightly puzzling starting lineup with's Tim Bostelle before handing out some nostalgic penalty kick trivia and naming possibly the most useless Wanker of the Week ever...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Post-Everton: Making It Interesting

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Arsenal continue to suggest they're buckling under the pressure of maintaining 4th place as they fall to up-and-comers Everton at Goodison Park, leaving us to wonder where exactly the squad will draw some much needed inspiration for the final few games of the season. We'll pick over the Mertemaelen partnership (see, that doesn't even sound like it would work), discuss the sell-by date on the team's defensive midfield shield and stick as many pins as we possibly can in the voodoo doll that is Everton's remaining league schedule, all before going the nostalgia route with some FA Cup trivia and selecting a repeat offender for the Wanker of the Week…

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Post-Man City: At This Point We'll Take "Meh"

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Arsene Wenger's men felt the residuals of last Saturday's thumping as they looked out of luck and out of ideas first against Swansea on Tuesday and then for the first half against Man City before a rallying Mathieu Flamini and all-around solid team effort helped the club salvage a much-needed point in the second half. Evaluating the damage control of these two draws in light of some key upcoming fixtures will be Matt Williams of the Chicago Gooners followed by Arsenal matchday commentator Dan Roebuck touching on his favorite moments of the season, plus some suitably "meh" (but easy) trivia and a nearly unintelligible Wanker of the Week…

Monday, March 24, 2014

Post-Chelski: Apocalypse Now And Again

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Arsenal choose to play a title contender the only way they now how: fast and loose in midfield, and the consequences -- all 6 of them -- are positively shattering as Chelsea jump 7 points clear at the top. The best we can muster in review is "that was kinda' weird," so helping us seriously contemplate the repercussions for the club, the squad, and Arsene Wenger will be returning guest Garry, the Twin Cities Gooner, followed by prize trivia that's centered around the only competition we ever really cared about all along, so there