Sunday, October 4, 2015

Post-Man U: This Thing Called Consistency

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The Gunners turn in another truly Jekyll and Hyde week of performances with a shattering home loss to Olympiacos followed by, what else, an exhilarating home win over title contenders Manchester United. This leaves us confused. Luckily we've got returning guest Garry Bowman aka Twin Cities Gooner to help us make sense of both the good and the bad and place it all in the context of Arsenal's burgeoning Premiership hopes and waning Champions League dreams. We've also got some suitably anti-Man U trivia to provide you with a chance at some new sponsor Arsenal SWAG...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Post-Leicester: Return of the Father Figures

Check out the original hat-trick: our three download locations for the new podcast are still kicking at iTunes, the raw RSS feed and our archive....yeah, we know that was a stretch too.
The old guys show the young guys in the Arsenal squad how it's done (with a little help from Alexis) as Arsene Wenger's men go two for two with wins over Sp*rs and Leicester in the Capitol One Cup and Premiership respectively. Guiding us through the nuances of the COC and what we can actually take away from a win in this competition will be's Tim Bostelle, plus we'll analyze what makes the Leicester vs Arsenal fixture so topsy-turvy and look ahead to next week's vital home games against Olympiacos and then Man U...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Post-Chelski: Dirty, Bottom of the Table Teams

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We're not quite sure if any football got played in the last seven days as Arsenal emerge from two games with only one goal and three red cards, a tally that's in no small part to the machinations of Chelsea's Diego Costa and Mike Dean. Helping us learn how to stomach these unsavory events and pinpoint the source of Arsenal's offensive misfortunes will be Queen City Gooners Michael and Brandon, plus Leicester trivia that's sure to give Matt Elliott nightmares...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Post-Stoke: Striker Cameos

If your download attempts to actual downloads ratio is particularly bad, don't worry: you can take three cracks at getting the new pod, first from iTunesthe raw RSS feed and then our archive.

Own Goal takes the bench for once as Arsenal's actual strikers help produce an actual home win to take the club up to third in an increasingly bizarre Premiership table. Joining us to make sense of Stoke's atypically offensive setup and pick the positives out of a relatively quiet summer transfer window will be returning guest Elliot Smith/Yankee Gunner, plus we'll throw in some not-as-far-as-we-thought-Croatian Champions League trivia for good measure and preview next weekend's away fixture against Chelsea…