Thursday, December 17, 2009

Well it was good while it lasted...

Wenger’s temperament that is. For one short day the dark, red-nosed, gum-chewing spirit of Alex Ferguson descended on the normally mild-mannered Frenchman to provide a catalyst for Arsenal’s revival. The last time we had a dressing room tirade anywhere near this good the Professor reportedly smashed a tea cup on the floor, only to immediately spoil the menace of the whole affair by stooping down to pick up the shattered remnants. This time Wenger must have shattered a teacup and saucer on the Anfield dressing room floor and left it for the Liverpool janitor (it’s Jari Litmanen, isn’t it?) because Arsenal came out with a verve that was noticeably absent from their first half performance.

This lasted only one game, however, as we returned to our modus-operandi of forgiving offense and generous defense. In the meantime Roman Abramovich had sold off an oil rig to finance a win for a Chelsea side that had gone — shock horror! — 4 games without. Sigh….just another day at the Kremlin…er 557 foot yacht…it’s office, isn’t it? Right sorry.

So it’s back to work on Saturday. The Hull match will be brought to you by Spray-On-Tan, so be sure to savor every pained expression on Phil Brown’s orange face as (cue my prediction) Arsenal bangs in at least three goals past the cute and cuddly stuffed-Tigers’ defense. Arsenal Review USA will be on hand to relive all the action sometime soon after the game on Saturday, so soak up all the football and support your Gunners!