Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We've got Cesc Fabregas...

Ahhh yes, it seems like just yesterday the critics were saying our team was horribly bereft of a game-changer, a leader, someone who could carry the team on his back while wading doggedly through the fray. Now, if anything the criticism has swung in the opposite direction as journalists grumble under their breath about Arsenal being a one-man team in the wake of another inspired performance by Mr. Fabregas at an unusually crowded Reebok Stadium on Sunday night. His first goal was a session on instinctive finishing that Matt Taylor (judging by his lack of finishing) apparently didn’t attend but certainly tried to get the class notes for by kneeing, kicking and then hair-pulling Fabregas repeatedly in the Bolton box. You wonder if this kind of general Bolton-thuggery that substitutes for real football has caused Owen Coyle to realize he's just moved to a worse club. Well if not he’ll surely come to his senses after a second consecutive loss this Wednesday, eh?

Meanwhile Arsene Wenger has cornered the market for injury stories on Arsenal.com by first musing what it would be like in a world without injuries, then stating that, wait, injuries might work in our favor when players return, then about-facing by saying no, no! injuries can lead to more injuries. It all makes for some dour and frankly confusing reading and I’d almost wish Arsenal.com would provide an option to filter out injury stories before you’re bombarded by just that on the news page.

Injuries or not we’ve somehow limped our way within 3 points of Chelsea (in case you hadn’t noticed), and with a win tomorrow evening we’ll be level, albeit slightly ahead on the technicality that is referred to as having an obscenely large goal difference. That is assuming that Matt Taylor doesn’t up the ante by bringing a crowbar to use on Cesc this time around and likewise leaves his goalscoring ability at home (yet again). I suppose if he does fight like a girl again it will just add all the more fodder for the ARUSA Awards this weekend on Arsenal Review USA (a-thank you), so until then, remain informed and support your team (so basically don’t be a Man U fan)!

Come on Arsenal!