Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arsenal Review USA Podcast: End of Season / Post-Fulham

We figured we’d let you soak up Arsenal’s final game and win of the season before releasing the end of season podcast. Here then, is our last podcast of the Arsenal season (we’ll be podcasting a bit in the summer, too).

Many thanks to Gustavo from the Austin Gooners, Joshua from the DC Armoury, and Omar from the LA Gooners for helping us end the season with a bang. Also on the pod, your Wanker of the Season, as well as some (half-hearted) tributes to footballer mothers…

It’s been our privilege and, to be honest, absolute pleasure to talk to/talk at all you fellow Gooners this season. We hope you’ll do us a favor and keep talking back for many, many seasons to come…

As always, you can grab the new pod from iTunes or download it from the archive.

Have a great summer!