Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-West Ham out now!

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Newcastle's defense goes missing and Alex Song goes a-roving to give us 5 straight wins in all competitions. Did Arsene know what he was saying when he compared this team to the Invincibles? We'll discuss all this and more with our Philly correspondent who's just returned from the Emirates, George Sedgwick. Also in the pod: tell us whether you agree with our Top 5 Arsenal Workman Goals, an overwhelming listener favorite for the Wanker of the Week, Alex Song's job title warrants a public service announcement, and much more...

(Sigh) Yes, you can still tweet us a picture @arsenalreviewus of your Arsenal Halloween and for a chance to win $25 in online credit to We guess we can allow that :)

Up the Arsenal!