Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post-Tiny Tots podcast out now with the Arseblogger & Austin Gooners

Grab the new pod from iTunes or download it from the archive.

A lot of postmortem to be done, more than we can handle to be honest. Luckily the Arseblogger weighed in with his opinion on what’s vexing the impressionable, fevered young minds of Arsenal’s squad, and Neill from the Austin Gooners reminded us how very very hard it can be to motivate your team (in his case, coaching the Austin Gooners as they faced the Austin Blues).

And before you go doing anything drastic after the events of the weekend FIRST, call 911, but almost immediately after give us your answer to some easy anti-Tottenham trivia. If your answer to this very simple question is correct, you’ll be in the final running for $50 to use on any purchase from So throw an answer our way and relax: it’s the holiday weekend and an Arsenal victory is just around the corner….seriously….it most likely is.

Up the Arsenal!