Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Arsenal Review USA Podcast: Post-Barca Draw / Storm of the Century out now

Before we hose you with show information, just get it from iTunes or download it from the archive.

With the natural disaster of accumulated snow gripping the UK, Arshavin and co. had to bide their time making angels on the Emirates pitch in preparation for Monday's showdown against the not-so-mighty-anymore Chavs. But no worries, as there's plenty to discuss on the pod: we caught up with Kirt from The American Treble to talk over Arsenal's draw with Barca in the Champions League, his evaluation of Arsenal's first half of the season and much, much more. Also, in lieu of the upcoming holidays, we'll give you a brief list of Football Club Parties from Hell (because there's still time to change yours...).

It's last call for the trivia contest for December, which could yield a prize of $25 to use on anything from AND this spiffy Arsenal T-shirt if you provide us with the correct answer. Choose wisely...

As always, thanks for listening and joining us in support of the team that plays the sexiest football in the Premiership. Have a Merry Christmas and we'll be sure to catch up with you soon after!

Up the Arsenal!