Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Post-Leeds & Man City podcast out now

You can get it here > iTunes or here > download it from the archive.

Leave it to Roberto Mancini and co. to really poop on your New Year’s, free-flowing football party: Arsenal pulled out all the stops against the ultra negative Man City but still couldn’t find any purchase in front of goal, and then followed that performance up by exhibiting all the signs of a rave party hangover against Leeds on Saturday. To lighten the mood we therefore brought in Arsenal Station’s Michael Hattem to discuss Arsenal’s chances in the FA Cup, Theo’s dive admission and the enigma that is Andre Arshavin.

We’ll also remind you (basically until you participate) about our January contest, which will produce two prizes, both for the winner and for a random participant. If you’ve been paying attention to any one of Arsenal’s many antagonists during the 2010 calendar year, you’ll especially enjoy this one…

As always, we thank you for listening and enjoy your feedback and interaction. Now get behind the boys as they head out to Ipswitch: the Carling Cup is a piece of silverware we can’t pass up at this stage!

Up the Arsenal!