Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post-Barcelona & Leyton-Orient podcast out now
Just like Leyton-Orient, we at Arsenal Review USA need your charity. Please, give us absolutely nothing by downloading the latest pod in iTunes or get it from the archive.

It’s hangover weekend as Arsenal phones in a performance against Leyton-Orient after passing part 1 of their Barcelona showdown with flying colors. We’ll get the lowdown on FA Cup hangovers with one of those party-hardy LA Gooners, Omar Shamout, as well as discuss the definition of a “Barcelona goal” and the desired effect of the gateway drug that is the Carling Cup in our cup final preview. Plus insightful observations by defeated Barca players, lots of eligible Wankers, the usual stuff…

Our February contest is in as full a swing as a February contest can be at the end of the month of February. Read between the lines of that last sentence and enter our February contest before it’s too late. It has to do with Danny Karbassiyoon, who we’ll be talking to on the next pod…

But focus! We’ve got Stoke at the Emirates tomorrow, so drink your calcium and get behind the lads (via tape delay or — gasp — internet stream) to keep our Premiership run going!

Up the Arsenal!