Saturday, February 12, 2011

We're back: almost.

Maybe you missed us. Maybe you didn't. At any rate we're back from Ashburton Grove after witnessing two thrilling wins, and we're ready to go full tilt with the Arsenal talk until May. The next podcast will be released early next week before the Barca game.

Coming up in this week's pod, we'll mull over the much-needed shutout against Wolves, circle the wagons for Barcelona's rampant midgets, and relive (briefly, we promise) our recent trip to the Emirates. Returning to help us navigate the proceedings will be Kirt from the American Treble.

Also tune in to see who won the January contest and determined the Arsenal Review USA Wanker of 2010 in the process.

Until then, remember to take your flu shots (international break is over) and get behind the lads ahead of Wednesday!

Up the Arsenal!