Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post-West Brom & the return of Mad Jens podcast out now...

What would Jens do? Download it on iTunes AND get it from the archive.

It’s really inconsiderate of Arsenal to give one of our esteemed guests very little positive content to discuss for the second week running, but here we are nonetheless and so we’ll do our best with Charles from Goons of Anarchy to diagnose Arsenal’s last-gasp draw against West Brom on the weekend.

One of the happier moments of the week was the surprise “signing” of Jens Lehmann, so we’ll recount our favorite “Mad Jens” moments, throw a hot messy projectile at Alex Ferguson for our March contest reminder, all the while keeping a stiff upper lip regarding Arsenal’s current form.

C’mon boys, only 9 games to a Premiership title: even this year’s MAN UNITED could manage that!