Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Post-Bolton / Title-run in Hara-kiri

Leave your man on the next corner and just grab the new episode on iTunes or download it from the archive.

Arsenal bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "landing the plane" by pretty much dive-bombing it into the tarmac that is the Premier League title run-in after another last-minute capitulation at the Reebok against Bolton. The pundits and journos will no doubt be sharpening their knives but Leanne from LadyArse.com is on hand to point out more than a few misconceptions made by the media regarding Arsenal this year, right after we catch up with Nick from the Boston Gooners who will report on the recent performance of the U-19s at the Dallas Cup.

Also, your last chance at the April Contest, a phoned-in Wanker of the Week, Kyle's favorite Easter candy and more...

C'mon Arsenal, it's time to just play for pride!