Monday, May 23, 2011 Puma 3.10 FG Review

As you may already know the fine people at
SoccerPro have been providing the Arsenal Review USA podcast with t-shirts and gift codes throughout the 2010-2011 Arsenal season for our monthly prize giveaways. Luckily their generosity did not stop with the items we hosts gave away to loyal podcast listeners but rather overflow ‘eth in the form of some super duper Puma Cleats for me (Kyle) to wear in a recent ‘Alumni’ soccer match at my Alma mater.

In the past I have worn everything from Nike and Adidas to Diadora and Umbro (Michael Owen style), however recently, as I reach the point of extensive muscle pain after any type of physical exertion, I’ve wanted a boot that fits my foot well. I’ve found that boot to be Puma. Having made the choice to stick with one brand I’m no longer able to attribute my shortcomings to the shoes I wear but rather to me not being any good; which I’m sure isn’t really the case….but all joking aside one can understand not messing with a good thing. If you like the way a certain barber cuts your hair you wouldn’t change your barber when it’s time for a haircut. I recommend you take the same mentality when it comes to buying soccer boots.

Your preference might be the Robin van Persie favorite Adidas Predator or the Nike Mercurial worn by Theo Walcott. If you like a snug fit, a boot such as the Puma v3.10 i FG might be the perfect choice for both comfort and touch. Leather tends to stretch as a boot wears and I’ve always found it easier to loosen a tight boot than to tighten a loose boot.

Whatever your preference, my advice is to buy a boot for its comfort and feel not its flashy style. Style doesn’t matter much if you can’t trap a ball at your feet or make a simple 10 yard pass. None the less SoccerPro is a great group of people who will help you find the right football boot for you. And for those of you who fancy the new 2011-2012 Arsenal home kit it is now on pre-order over at and who knows Arsenal Review USA might even have a few to give away on the show!? Wink Wink.