Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Post-Liverpool / Have a Child or You're Out of Here podcast out now...

Wondering if the grass is greener on another podcast, are ya? Go with your heart (not the money/career) and get the pod from iTunes, or download it from the archive.

It's officially want-away week as half of the Arsenal players endeavor and some fair-weather fans strongly consider jumping the cash-strapped ship that is Arsenal Football club with only two games played in the Premiership. Of course the podcast wouldn't be so hasty, so that's why we've sought out Twin City Gooners rep Garry Bowman and Arsenal Offside writer Martin Tomlinson as we try to make some sense of the Liverpool loss, the Nasri departure and to speculate whether any other Arsenal stars are prone to follow. We'll also be joined by listener call ins, the Wanker of the Week and a bevy of "first team" experience stats.

Chin up, and get behind the boys for Udinese and Champions League qualification! Come on Arsenal!