Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pre-Season / Jumping the Gun podcast out now...

Christen your 2011/12 podcasting experience right: get the podcast from iTunes, you can download it from the archive, or click this link already and just get the mp3 file.

Oh it’s on, our army may be more “Children of the Corn” than “300” after a fairly uneventful summer, but nonetheless we’re steadily advancing on the new Premiership season. In the podcast we’ll quickly break down how you can interact with the show this season, how we’re bribing you to interact with the show (ie prize giveaways), and how it IS physically and emotionally possible to survive another season as an Arsenal supporter, courtesy of our Philly Gooners correspondent George Sedgwick.

Be sure also to head over to our Facebook page to catch our preseason home kit giveaway before it runs out. Get your opinions ready, only a few more days to Newcastle!

Up the Arsenal!