Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Post-Man U: My Ox is on the Bench podcast out now...

Download the new pod while it’s tearing it up on iTunes or wait till it’s ceased to grace the field of play with its glorious presence and just get it from our archive.

Arsenal’s new secret weapon gets sacrificed for Sputnik-era munitions as the Gunners fall to Man U for the second time this season, leaving supporters to wonder 1) why it all happened in the first place, 2) where reinforcements will come from and 3) why is one of them still Johan Djourou? On the podcast to answer SOME of those questions is returning guest George of the Philly Gooners and the Arseblogger, nestled amongst a bevy of Wanker of the Week nominees and a protracted January contest that Arsene Wenger clearly sees too much potential in…

Villa in the FA Cup coming up on, you guessed it, Sunday, so apply some sea salt to your ego in the meantime and prepare to bring your full support to a competition where our boys remain undefeated. Crazy, isn’t it? 🙂

C’mon You Gunners!
Post ManU: My Ox is on the bench.