Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post-Sunderland: Ankle Injury Side of the Moon podcast out now...

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Arsenal continue to ride the coat tails of The Invincibles by relying on that team’s greatest goalscoring exponent, Thierry Henry, who snatched a late late winner at the crater-filled Stadium of Light, a venue only slightly less hazardous than the Hoth Asteroid Belt (*sheepish face*) and the location for Arsenal’s upcoming FA Cup tie. To talk about all that, discuss the legacy of Henry, conspire to foil Sunderland’s well-organized defense and preview AC Milan in the Champions League, we’ll be joined by Arsenal Offside‘s Martin Tomlinson and Miriti Murungi of Also we get our first MARCA sighting and call on all Gooners to show their insensitive side in the new, especially anti-Valentine’s Day contest

Post Sunderland: Ankle injury side of the moon