Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post-West Brom: That Sums It All Up podcast out now...

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Arsenal stay true to their season-long form by vaulting, straddling, then ultimately crawling over their final hurdle of West Brom at the Hawthorns as they soldier past an early 2-1 deficit to clinch a vital win. The result is assured Champions League qualification, (continued) Tottenham subjugation, and some much-deserved credit for turning what initially looked like an unprecedented disaster of a season into a move up the table from last campaign. On the pod we'll finally roll out those End of Season Awards you've all been (not) talking about, plus analyzing the last game, the season as a whole, and expectations for next season we'll have returning guest Mike Kavanagh of the Charm City Gooners, followed by transfer and loanee specialist William Benn from Arsenal Vision to discuss squad restructuring. Then to top the season off with some much-needed perspective, we'll be joined by Arsenal club historian Iain Cook, who will frame for us the reign of Arsene Wenger in the context of Arsenal's overall history, as well as fill us in on some of the club's current projects in preparation for next season.

Post-West Brom: That Sums It All Up

We know it's sappy, but to everyone who listened to the pod this season, we honestly can't thank you enough. Supporting a team with the defensive concentration of an ADD white belt karate student is nothing short of an extremely grueling exercise in patience and longsuffering, and we appreciate every one of you who continued to participate, interact, and just listen to us over the course of Arsenal's most trying season in recent history.

The good news is, remember, that it all concluded with Arsenal improving their standing in the table over last season, breaking some previously solidified transfer trends, and the emergence of some truly great talent. And we also gave you a lot of prize SWAG. So that's always nice.

Don't forget about us over the summer, as we'll be featuring guest bloggers and a couple of podcasts to keep tabs of Arsenal players in the Euros and summer transfers. Until we talk to you then, enjoy your summer, enjoy your footy, and keep supporting Arsenal.

- Arsenal Review USA