Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post-Reading: What Happens In the Capitol One Cup Stays in the Capitol One Cup (Hopefully) podcast out now

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Variety continues to be the tortuously and liberally-applied spice of life for Arsenal as they deliver their most underachieving performance in recent history against Bradford in the Capitol One Cup before scything down Reading with some positively scintillating football in the Premiership 6 days later. Looking for explanations for Arsenal’s Jekyll and Hyde performance this season? Well we’ve pretty much given up on those, but for everything else related to Wenger’s tactical credentials, Arsenal’s strong suit against lower table teams, getting the best out of inconsistent players and just why Macca doesn’t get the Wanker of the Week more often, we’ve got answers, and we’ll be providing them with the help of‘s Michael Price. Also, you may want to start digging through your Arsenal Boxing Day archives if you want to have a chance at 3 different prizes from SoccerPro, including a pair of Adidas Cleats, and RuffneckScarves