Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Post-Norwich: One Last Two-Nil

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Like a brace of goals away from home, our download locations are plentiful (we know it’s a weak metaphor but it’s been a long season): iTunes, the raw RSS feed and our archive.

Arsenal lay a fitting bookend to their efficient season by comfortably easing out relegation fodder Norwich City at Carrow Road before turning their sights (if they hadn’t already) to the big one at Wembley, the FA Cup Final on Saturday. On hand to discuss this golden chance at silverware, probable starting lineups and suitable midfield selections for an underdog opponent like Hull is Sam Limbert of SamsMatchReports.com, followed by absolutely no Wanker of the Week candidates whatsoever (it’s hard when your opponents applaud your goals) and a big prize addition to our extended End of Season Catharsis