Monday, November 24, 2014

Post-Man U: We Do It To Ourselves

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….we do, and that's when it really hurts. Like listening to this episode three times. Don't listen to this episode three times. Download it once via iTunes, the raw RSS feed or our archive.

Man U's law of "anything that can go wrong for Arsenal will go wrong" comes into effect for something like the 2,634th time as the Gunners pull off the impossible feat of losing at home to the weakest Manchester United side in decades, leaving us to wonder (again) if the current regime will ever be able to stop the rot against top clubs. Helping the podcast map out the changes in the rivalry over the years and answer the tough questions like who or what is responsible for Arsenal's dearth of on-field character will be Jon Shay of Woolwich 1886 and the Chicago Gooners, plus some tentative, *tentative* predictions for the midweek showdown against Borussia Dortmund…