Monday, April 27, 2015

Post-Chelski: You Get What You Play For

After repeatedly beating our heads against the wall over this result, the FA *assured us* we were still fine to record; enjoy the resultant podcast via iTunesthe raw RSS feed or our archive.

The oil barons roll out their It’s-So-Bad-We-Like-To-Think-It’s-Good gameplan for the umpteenth time this season as they thwart Arsenal’s attempts to play an actual game at the Emirates, leaving Arsene Wenger’s men with an anti-climactic 0-0 draw and an improbable points gap to hurdle to reach the Premiership summit. We’ll talk over the usual Arsenal-Chelsea flashpoints and the difference-makers who just didn’t show up with Sam Limbert of Sam’s Match Reports, plus the most difficult audio trivia ever gets extended and we’ll gauge the amount of mojo behind wearing yellow kits in cup finals…