Monday, June 1, 2015

Post-FA Cup Victory: Blessed Team, Blessed Performance

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Arsenal are full value for the win as they fully eclipse Aston Villa with an offensive and defensive masterclass that sees them clinch their second — SECOND, PEOPLE — FA Cup in two years. We’re pretty ecstatic about all this, frankly, and we’re even more pleased to be able to relive the whole glorious day at Wembley with the Arsenal match day commentator Dan Roebuck, who’ll discuss starting lineup surprises, the unsung-success of Wenger’s tactics and the trophy mileage we can hope to get out of this current squad of players. We’ll also present the best, the worst, and the filthiest of 2014/15 based on listener reviews, as well as unveil the Arsenal Review USA Podcast Sunday Fantasy League winner.

Another May gone, another season past: sadly this is the last podcast of what has truly been a memorable campaign for Arsenal. Seriously, a second successive FA Cup is a big flippin’ deal as far as we’re concerned, and we’re genuinely happy to have been able to discuss and share all the talking points with everyone who listened and everyone who was gracious enough to come on the podcast and give us his/her time throughout the season.

Keep your heads screwed on tightly during silly season and we’ll see you again in August!

Thanks for listening,

Joel & Kyle