Sunday, June 2, 2019

Post-Europa Final: A Sad But Fitting Conclusion

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Arsenal appropriately end their 2018/19 campaign with a second half whimper as they eventually concede a four-goal shellacking to their superior cross-town rivals Chelsea. We’ll review the career of Jose Antonio Reyes, who tragically passed over the weekend, before touching on Unai Emery’s potential for change, squad rebuilding, and generally making the summer a bit more hopeful than it currently looks here on June 2…

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Thank you again for another great(ish?) season of camaraderie, back-and-forth, and general Arsenal interaction as we all collectively persevere through the trials and travails involved with being a Gooner. It wasn’t easy, but we all did it for yet another season and we suppose we did have some fun along the way, so thank you all for your involvement in that. Stay tuned to our ever-changing format throughout the summer and into next season and, as always, hang in there supporting the Arsenal.