Your Arsenal Review

Here's how it works: if we get enough of your reviews/rants after a game (or games) we'll feature them on the next podcast.

What should you say on the review? As long as it's 1) not iTunes explicit and 2) relatively short, and 3) Arsenal-related, we'll take it. From time to time we'll also post specific questions or topics we'd like you to weigh-in on, so be on the lookout for those.

There are 2 really, really easy ways to send us your review:

1) The widget below (preferred for sound quality). Get close-ish to your computer's microphone, wait until the freight train behind your residence passes, hit "Start recording" (the plugin will ask for access to your camera and microphone -- don't worry, it only uses your microphone!) and give us your thoughts in less than 90 seconds.

2) Dial 77 55 REVIEW via Google Hangouts. You can start the call by just typing that number into a new hangouts box (see below) on your desktop's Hangouts app (Google will figure out the full number), or you can do the same thing from the Hangouts app on your phone. Either way, it's free (barring some overage on your phone's miserly data plan). Try to honor the 90 seconds rule with this method, too.