Score Predictor

So here's the drill: as mentioned on the most recent podcast, Arsenal vs Sunderland is this month's eligible score predictor match. Accurately predict the score, and you could win a $25 credit to

This is what we need from you, whether you text us at 77-55-REVIEW (775-573-8439) or email us at

1) Your predicted scoreline
2) Who you think will score the first goal
3) What minute you think the first goal will be scored
4) Your name and location

Example: Arsenal 3 Sunderland 0, Chamakh, 52, Kyle Van Buren, Fishers, IN

2) and 3) are basically just tiebreakers in the case that more than one person accurately predicts the score.

IN THE CASE that more than one person accurately predicts the scoreline, the winner will then be determined by who accurately predicted the first goalscorer; IF those people also accurately predicted the first goalscorer, then the winner will be determined by whose pick for the minute the first goal would be scored was closest to the minute the first goal was actually scored in the game.

Not too complex, just get us those 4 pieces of information somehow and good luck.

And listen to the next Arsenal Review USA podcast to find out if you won!