Your Arsenal Review

Since Arsenal Review USA exists for you, the American Gooner, here's a way YOU can get involved each week.

Got an opinion on the last week of Arsenal action? Or just thinking "Hey, I've got more interesting things to say about Arsenal than those guys"?

Take 30 seconds and simply call 77-55-REVIEW (775-573-8439), endure our short message, then leave us YOUR review of the most recent Arsenal game. What were Arsenal's strengths? What were their weaknesses? Who was the standout performer? Who was this week's wanker?

Be funny. Be eloquent. Be absurd. Be an American Gooner and say what you think about Arsenal.

String a coherent, usable sentence together about Arsenal's most recent performances and we'll feature it on the show. Don't worry, we edit listener reviews together so your performance doesn't have to be flawless :)

We want to make your reviews, opinions and general Arsenal feedback the focal point of each podcast, so put 77-55-REVIEW on your speed dial and either gush or vent your opinion after each game.

To leave a quick message or an email to be read by us on the show, simply text 77-55-REVIEW or email us at at any time. Show feedback can be sent to the same address.

We look forward to hearing from you....Up the Arsenal!