Friday, March 11, 2011

Next pod: post-Man U with Arsenal Offside plus your thoughts on the reffing apocalypse...

So in the space of just one week we as Arsenal supporters have had two games negatively impacted by referees. Granted, it's nothing new and we're fully prepared to move on with our lives but we did want to pose the following question to listeners ahead of the next podcast because we're genuinely interested in your feedback:

Do you find your non-footy friends turned off to the sport by inconsistent officiating and/or the likelihood of game-changing, bad calls?

We by no means intend to relive the Barcelona game on the next podcast but we did want to discuss the topic, especially any feedback fellow Gooners may have. Just tweet us your answer (a little elaboration, too) @arsenalreviewus or email us at

Here's hoping for some more uplifting content (results permitting) on the next podcast, during which we'll be joined by Martin from Arsenal Offside to discuss the outcome from our showdown against Man U in the FA Cup.

Until then, get to your local match viewing location and get behind the boys! C'mon You Gunners!