Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pre-Barca & Post-Sunderland podcast out now...

You’re hereby obligated to either grab it on iTunes or get it from the archive.

We wept only momentarily for the Sunderland draw as we were almost immediately reminded how mediocre Man United were and remembered we’d soon also have a chance to punt Xavi and the rest of the Lollipop Guild out of the Champions League in midweek. Miriti Murungi from NutmegRadio.com will be on hand to help us analyze how we can improve on last week’s results and take it to Barca and then Man U on the weekend, in addition to our irreverent homage to Ashley Cole with a list of some infamous footballer weapons of choice. Also in the pod, info on the new March contest…

It’s one of the biggest weeks of the season, so find the nearest match viewing and get behind your team! C’mon you Gunners!