Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Post-Sp*rs: You Can't Buy Class…But We Will After We Beat You podcast out now...

When you skip this podcast, the Sp*rs Scum win. Not really, but it was worth a try. If you fell for that due to some particularly fierce Tottenham hatred, you can get the pod on iTunes, the raw RSS feed or download it from our archive.

Arsenal get some insane return on investment as their (then) penny-pinching side puts Tottenham’s expensively-thrown-together squad to the sword the old-fashioned way, 1-nil thanks to a neat Olivier Giroud finish. For maximum feel-good factor and zero suspense, we’re coming at you from the OTHER side of (before) the transfer deadline, and with the help of ESPN FC’s Arsenal Blogging Correspondent Sam Limbert we’ll discuss the advantages Arsenal held going into the match, the improvements they need to undergo to defeat Sp*rs in the reverse fixture and the pros and cons of MEGA-SIGNING Mathieu Flamini. Did we mention we were discussing all this before the transfer deadline? Good. We’ve also got some Scum Trivia for a crack at $20 to WhoAreYaDesigns.com

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