Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The return of Sam's Match Reports!

Much like Arsene Wenger spending money in the summer transfer window, there were many that said it would never happen. However as Arsenal’s signing of Mesut Özil showed, strange things can occur in the world of football.
So, against all the odds, Sam’s Match Reports has returned!
After a two year hiatus where I was writing regularly for ESPN FC, SMR is back and will be better than ever. I’ll be regularly blogging about the Arsenal on this website with articles regularly going up before and after matches. However for a different take on the big stories and some thoughts on the wider world of football, there will be some guest bloggers to look out for as well.
One of the most famous, or arguably infamous, features of the old Sam’s Match Reports website was the SMR Podcast. After Arsenal’s match with Sunderland this weekend, that will also be returning! The old podcasts usually consisted of me just rambling on to myself and were a bit boring, but that is about to change. There will be numerous co-hosts and guests on the podcast each week to talk about the latest Arsenal game and we’ll get everything off our chest that has annoyed us in the weekend’s football. Keep an eye on this page for details about how to subscribe and listen to the show. If you’ve never heard an SMR podcast before, whilst you won’t want to miss our incisive punditry, you won’t be able to avoid the distinguished, and musically unique, Sam’s Match Reports theme tune.
The hard core Sam’s Match Reports readers amongst you will also notice that the website address has changed. Gone are the days of being hosted on, so you can now find Sam’s Match Reports at
For all of the latest updates on Sam’s Match Reports, follow me on twitter @SamsMatchReport or subscribe to the blog’s feed on the right hand side of this site. Get involved by commenting on the blogs and tweeting me questions for the podcast panel each week. Sam’s Match Reports might be more like Mathieu Flamini returning on a free transfer than a blog arriving with the fanfare of Özil, but I hope you enjoy the new, revamped site!