Friday, August 15, 2014


Here at Arsenal Review USA, we like to cut right to heart of the world's meaty issues: the ever-changing geopolitical landscape, the Ukraine crisis, Arsene Wenger's jacket zipper, and Arsenal (in roughly that ascending order of importance). That's why, with the start of the Premiership fast-approaching, we're asking you to tell us...

What about the start of the season are you looking forward to even more than vanishing spray?

It could be seeing Alexis Sanchez roast every opponent in sight, or just the thought of an unemployed Tony Pulis panhandling directly in front of a huge puddle that's constantly being plowed by an unceasing line of speeding cars, but whatever it is we're asking you to leave us your thoughts on the podcast using the widget below or by simply calling 77-55-REVIEW from Google Hangouts*.

Anyone who leaves us their thoughts will be put in the hat to win a free Arsenal scarf courtesy of Ruffneck Scarves (be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you to let you know you won -- don't worry, no spam here!)...

*If you're not sure how to get your soundbite on the podcast, it's pretty simple: hit "Start recording" on the widget. And talk (you can find a full rundown of the process if you need it here). We'll take whatever you send us and edit it down into a nice little soundbite to be played back with several others on the next podcast.